Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Six Degrees of a Book Review

Paige came by today bearing gifts from my mail box.  In addition to a brand new magnetic tumbler from Rio (purchased after sending in my silver bits and pieces for refining), the nice people at Amazon sent the relatively new 500 Pendants & Lockets from Lark Books.  
Ellen Burr

Kathryn Wardill

                                                       Lisa Klakulak

I was thrilled to discover many photos of work by folks I actually know personally in some way. I've taken classes from both Cynthia Eid and Robert Dancik (pages 367 and 136 respectively); Wendy Wallin Malinow (pgs. 124 & 330) is a very good friend of my good friend Sherri Haab - so I feel like I know her; I actually own a "Wrapped Rock" by Patrik Kusek (pg. 189) and from pages 109 and 211, felt artist Lisa Klakulak's site is in the link bar to the right (my friend Jacqui from Asheville takes felting classes from her).  And please let's not forget to mention that my neighbor Ellen Burr (pg. 186) asked my fellow guild member Marsha Thomas to photograph her "Caged Porcelain", so I'm counting that one twice.  I've communicated with Aussie artist Kathryn Wardill about the whimsical work she's done with metal clay and little glass globules, but I guess it's pushing things to think that that counts towards the Six Degrees factor.
Patrik Kusik

Wendy Wallin Malinow

                                                         Cynthia Eid

At any rate, Pendants is yet another wonderful addition to Lark's 500 series of books.  It's beautifully laid out and printed of course, but more importantly it's filled with inspirational jewelry.  Lark's goal is to present beautifully photographed; cutting edge eye candy - and they certainly did themselves proud. Not all of it is wearable or commercial... much of it isn't in fact, but every piece is thoughtful, well considered and original.  
Robert Dancik

None of the photos I used in this post are from the book.  You'll have to ask the nice folks at your local bookstore to reserve a copy just for you!

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