Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Taking a Casual Poll!

And I'd love it if absolutely everyone who reads this will state their opinion.  You know you have one.

So, Almost every other blog I read is "printed" on crisp, white "paper". And of course, that makes me think I must be doing something wrong. So what do you, my readers, think? Is the layout of this blog too distracting? Colors too vibrant? Is the Italics font too difficult to read?Do you love it just the way it is? Would you rather I re-design it to match the rest of the blogosphere? I mean, there must be a reason for the uncluttered commonality of la page blanche.

To cast your vote simply click "comments" below and pen your preference. Many thanks in advance.


Sadelle said...

Hi Lora...

I think the design template you're using is lovely.. only thing I would change is to perhaps not do the italics.. as my experience has been folks find it hard to read.

found your blog via Elaine's blog, which I help her out with via design fixes, and general blog layout fixes.

Spectrum Design

Lora ~ said...

Hey Sadelle! Thanks for looking and for commenting. I've been thinking that the italics might be hard for folks to read too, so I'll probably change that. Glad you like the template. I loved it when I saw it.
L ~

HappyDayArt! said...

Hi Lora,

I think your blog is very nice. Of course I am one who has white where the text is - I had to go and check. But hey, I have pink and gray on the top and sides! No one reads a blog for the layout though. They read it because your work is good and it looks like you know what you are talking about. And it is and you do!

I found you through Lorrene's blog by way of the SFBA Silver Clay Guild.

Congrats on being asked to do an article for Belle Jewelry and also for getting into the PMC Annual.

Catherine Witherell

Chris said...

gLora, I love you blog because it is not like all the others. Most sites are so boring I wonder why they bother. That particular shade of green is not my favorite color but that did not keep me from reading it all. Thank you for your inspiration and words of wisdom, Chris

Lora ~ said...

Thanks Chris. As a design element I really like the template a lot. And green is my favorite color, so it feels very personal to me. But since I've been reading so many blogs during my convalescence, I noticed that most were white and frankly very easy to read. I just wondered if mine was too distracting.

I'm glad you're enjoying reading it.

Tamra said...

Hi Lora,

The green is just fine--it's really nice and soothing, in fact. My background is white just because I wanted to keep in line with my logo and my website--without going gray or black. I'm with Sadelle on the italics, though.

Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Hi Lora
I love the design template and color, very clean look. I see nothing distracting about your layout. I prefer reading an italic font, but know that others seem to have a harder time reading this font style. I believe that I use an italic font on my blog,and I'm sure the reason I prefer italic is that my handwriting has that slant. I switched recently sending my emails in italic after someone brought to my attention that my posts were hard to read. I will continue to use italic on my blog, but again only my family really ever takes a look.


Lora ~ said...

Thanks Jill. I use the italics because it reminds me more of my handwriting too. I changed to a larger font style and size since Sadelle's comment, but maybe I'll just get over the aesthetic's and go with a regular font.

Hey, where did you get the iron beads that you used in your challenge necklace? They're great. And you designed a beautiful necklace around them.

Libby said...

I do most of my blog reading through Google Reader so everything shows up on a white background anyway. I have to click through to the actual blog in order to see the template. I think your template is great. I like the greens.

I really don't care for black backgrounds, but that's because they are so difficult to read.

Lora ~ said...

Thanks for commenting Libby. I really like your blog too. In fact I've just added it to my link list!