Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Just a short note to say.. I haven't lost it afterall.  I thought I might have after so long, but it's like that same bicycle everyone talks about.  You never forget.  My class went really well and the students were all successful.  As an added bonus there wasn't a single one of THOSE students.  The ones who need constant hand holding.  They were all lovely and never laughed once at my scooting around in a roll-y chair.  And of course I couldn't have done it without Paige, who lugged and toted and set up and broke down and drove 25 miles each way and is willing to do it all again tomorrow.  How's that for friendship!
Happy Sunday Y'all!


Ag alchemy said...

See, you can get back in the saddle after falling off of the horse! SO glad the classes went well, and I'm disappointed that NONE of the students laughed at you rolling around in the chair. I certainly would have!!!

Glad you're getting back to normal, whatever that may be!!!


Lora ~ said...

Thanks honey bunch. It felt really good to be with my students again. They're so considerate and appreciative. Unlike some folks. ;¬)
L ~

bls said...

Love your blog! Don't change a thing. Love the green and the font and the feathered bg. It all works! Just keep all that fun and interesting info coming.

Bonnie S.

ps -- Happy Walking!!! Yippee!!