Monday, May 12, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard To Do...

... Or is it? You can concentrate on the bad times, or you can remember the good times. You have lots of things to remind you of happier days. A set of dishes you chose together when you started nesting, a lost sock, the lovely pendant he surprised you with. But even if you left each other with no ill will, maybe you don't want to hold on to the detritus of your failed relationship. That's where ExBoyfriendJewelry.Com comes to the rescue! I just heard about this site this weekend and it cracked me up. Love the pendant, but need the cash? Hate that damn brooch his Aunt Delia gave you last Hanukah? Why, just post an ad and add the winnings to your Stimulus Payment!

I wonder if folks are more willing to surf this site more than they are Ebay, Costco, or any other discount jewelry site because it appeals to their sense of vicarious vengence or just tickles their funny bone as it did mine. Do you think more guys are shopping here for their new loves or more girls in solidarity with their jilted sisters? Would you ever use their services? Have you thought about getting rid of jewels from a former beaux? Would you sell them, give them away to someone who'd appreciate them or melt them down and make something for yourself? I have a beautiful cameo floating around here somewhere, but it's been so long since the gift was given, and the last time I remember seeing it I just smiled when I remembered how excited he was to see me open the package. I'd hate to sell that memory.
This past weekend I had little cold in my nose, and since Michelle's hubby is recovering from a recent surgery, I was un-invited to the follow-up enamel play date. Understandably. We've re scheduled for next week. So instead I had a try at the slip printing technique Kelly Russell describes in PMC Technic. Too fun. Hard to tell from the photo, but it has a bit of a curve to it. I finished it up by colorizing it with some Prisma Color pencils and added a couple of pearls. I'm liking the way it turned out and have already thought of a few other designs I'd like to try using this method.   


HappyDayArt! said...

I love this piece with the slip trailing! I'm going to try it myself. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine Witherell

Lora ~ said...

Not quite the same as slip trailing Catherine. This one uses very thick slip and a template to create the design. Slip trailing uses thin slip and just a paint brush to splash the design a la Jackson Pollock. They're both pretty cool though.