Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well,We're Movin' On Up...

Well, I just don't know whether to be tickled or troubled.  I'm tickled because our wonderfully efficient state government has requested that I start filing my sales taxes quarterly instead of yearly.  Surely this must mean that I'm making an impressive amount of money. Non?  I know I'm in the green (although I've yet to start my income tax).  Does this mean I should start looking for my bigger slice of the pie?  But I'm troubled because I have to do the stupid paperwork four times a year now.  Although it will take a quarter of the time.  So many pluses.  So many minuses.  Minused right out of my bank account.  I know, I know, I take it in when I sell something.  I shouldn't mind it going back out again.  After all, it's not mine and I did get the benefit of the tiny bit of interest it brought in. And if I send it away four times a year instead of just once I'll have less time to get attached to it.  Maybe I won't miss it so much.  Like I miss freeway kitty, Max (rescued off the 10 Fwy in downtown L.A. at high traffic hour with me on my stomach under the car next door).

And our wonderfully efficient government is also so very accommodating. I was able to file and pay online. No more late fees for me. I usually get held up just getting the envelope into the post. So I guess I should look at this as the glass half full. It's really a bonus. I just didn't realize it until I spelled it out for y'all. And due to my accident it's really a gift. I haven't sold anything for the past two months so I only owe Fifty Eight bucks! Gotta love that!

Income tax is gonna hafta wait until summer. I just can't get around to it and can't make it to Pasadena to see my accountant anyway. I blame everything on the foot. What a good excuse. And a legitimate one at that. I just applied for a temporary handicap placard. The minute I can drive I'm going to some big mall and park near the door. I doubt I'll be able to do much walking and shopping, but I really want to take advantage of it while I have it. It's like when you realize there are two of you in the car so you get into the carpool lane even though traffic is speeding by you. Too bad there's not a handicapped lane of the freeway. Although... Kinda sounds scary doesn't it. Did you know that Stevie Wonder drives? Now that's a scary thought.


Sarah said...

Mine shook when I laughed, too...and when I walk and when I sit...Oh, you have opened a Pandora's Box for sure, Miss Lora!

I love your musings about your new tax status! My sales tax is still quarterly, and this one's my biggest since I started MC sales & classes...maybe $58!!! Ah, but times are fine, aren't they!

Love ya, Hon!!!
SRQ Sarah

dona dicarlo said...

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