Saturday, April 19, 2008

Road trip

What a great Thursday I had!  My dear friend Sherri Haab had to go to Santa Barbara for an appointment and I went along for the ride.  It was one of those super lovely California mornings with clear blue skies and wispy white clouds, no traffic at any point and bright yellow mustard flowers blanketing the foothills.  Such a treat.  We went out to lunch at a strip mall of all places and had a really nice sandwich and salad combo.  Mine was roast beef with a yummy horseradish sauce.  Afterwards we decided to go to one of Sherri's favorite little galleries called Imagine to look at their wares.  I tried on an Eric Silva ring that I'm pretty sure was a test sample for an article in the April issue of Jewelry Artist magazine (that's his stunning work above this post).  Fit like a glove, but the price tag said no, no, no.  I may try to make an "inspired by" simulant out of Faux Bone (tm). We drove home through one of the windingest canyons ever (two hairpin turns) and down along the coast. I'm pretty sure I saw a whale. Or a really big dolphin. When we got back to my apartment, I took off the walking boot to take a look at my foot and it was the size of a nerf football! And I was using my crutches all day. Too much too soon I guess. Later it was all ice, all the time, all evening.

Then Friday morning a neighborhood friend called to see if I was in the mood for a bacon breakfast. What a question. So off we went to The Omelette Parlor for a yummy breakfast. Again, too hard on my poor tootsie and back into the freezer for more ice. I'll be good until Wednesday when I see the doc and hopefully get permission to walk. I'll report back later in the week about that.

I listed some great jewelry info sites, blogs etc. in the right hand column under "Read More About It..."  I'm trying to find some really interesting and educational information out there and when I do, that's where I'll let you know about it.  I found Simone Walsh just from surfing and her blog really captured my attention.  Melanie Lukacs designed the charming ceramic faces for the Urushi Goddess pendant I created for Metal Clay and Mixed Media by Sherri Haab. Melanie makes wonderful ceramic beads and elements.

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