Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Procrastination Predilections

I have an irrational fear of deadlines. So much so that I think that there oughta be a name for it. Surely I'm not the only one who suffers from this affliction! Not only did I wait until the very last minute to send a check to the government, but today is the last day to get my class proposals in to a national bead show. I have the same problem with photo deadlines. Any call for entry is sure to get put on my back burner. No matter how much I want to participate. I'm not really sure why exactly. Is it the fear of being declined? Naw, I don't think that's it. Is it the effort involved? Nope. That's not right either. I think what I really suffer from is technophobia. I hate taking the pictures (and I use the Auto feature), I hate re touching them, re sizing them... I think the list might go on if I let it. I'm afraid of Photoshop. I understand it's because I don't really know how to use it, but even thinking about taking a class makes my eyes glaze over. I just don't understand the lingo. I used to tell folks to talk to me as if I were three year old, but three year olds are more familiar with the computer than I am. They grew up with it.They're comfortable with it. They wouldn't know what to do without it. I'm still doing actual cut and paste. You know the kind. Using scissors and glue?
Anyway, I finally got my three class proposals out. Technique Sampler Bead, Hinged Pendant and Little Alters. Then a girlfriend calls and tells me the deadline is actually MAY 15, not APRIL 15. Doh! I was so freaked out about rushing to complete the entry form, that I mis read the date. I have a friend who thinks I think too fast. That I jump to conclusions. Like I assume something was lost or stolen instead of looking everywhere for it first. She may be right. So it may be a case of Speedy Gonzales Syndrome in conjunction with technophobia. But although it took me until the last minute, I took care of my business today - in more ways than one.Woo Hoo!


Amor De Plata said...

Wow, very nice and gorgeous pieces. I wish I could pick a favorite but I like them all equally.

Lora ~ said...

You're just too sweet. I bet you could choose if you were contemplating taking one home! I know what you mean though. I can't go to Etsy without wanting to take a certain fine artist's entire page home. But it would look so good all together on my wall. ;¬)