Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Quiet Sunday Morning for Me!

Woke up, got outa bed, didn't drag a comb across my head (maybe I should have), but I did make another Sconce Pin.  This one was cobbled together using  a lentil bead that I had made as a classroom sample and never fired.  I cut it in two using a Fine Saw Blade by X-acto, like this one, sanded a bit so the closed end would fit inside the open end and attached them to a backing sheet. Then I carved out a space in the back for a pearl to rest in. The pearl represents a light bulb. After firing I added some Keum Boo to the inside of the outer shell, soldered a post for the pearl and a scatter pin finding, and voila! I also hung a little green turquoise briolette which represents nothing in particular. All my photo stuff (lights, tent etc) is in a box up high on a shelf and since I can't stand, I can't get it down - hence more quick and dirty photos. Someday maybe I'll do an edit and replace these shots with better ones. In the meantime, whaddya think? Right now I'm loving how the turquoise matches the background of my blog layout! Too funny.

The pin/post was/were a bear to solder. I'm in a tiny apartment and am not into having a full studio set up so I only have access to a creme brulee torch and my newest toy, a Bernzomatic ST900D torch which runs on one pound tanks of propane. I just loove it, but the last two projects I've done (or tried to do) have been too beefy for it. I might need to get more fire power. This little pin is just 1 1/2" x 1/2", but with all the metal involved the propane/atmosphere combo almost didn't do it. I was afraid I may have melted the whole thing, it got so hot before the solder flowed. But luck and sheer perseverance did the trick.

Have you reached a point in your particular craft that's telling you it's time to move on up to a "big girl" tool? That's what I call the torch at school which has more power and heat capabilities. The Big Girl Torch. Have you had to change the way you design a project to accommodate the tools that are available to you? Do any of you work in a well stocked studio away from your home? I get up so early (sometimes 4:30 a.m.) that I really need my things to be ready, willing and able to be used if I ever want to get anything done. I fantasize about sharing studio space, but I like to work in my jammies. And that would just scare my potential studio mates!  

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kait said...

oh, yes, the limits of what's on hand! I have a pretty nice shared studio space across town (though I have yet to buy a proper 'big girl bench' after fifteen years!). The one-a-week project has really helped me to see that I CAN do a lot with what I have at home. And yes, working in one's pajamas is just too appealing sometimes! :)